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Lawn Maintenance – Winterizing Lawns

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When considering the shift in weather, people often overlook some of the simplest ways to care for their lawns. We’re going to share some of our best secrets for winterizing lawns.


It may seem odd to fertilize at the tail end of fall, but using triple 16 or nitrogen-rich fertilizer helps increase the chlorophyll content. By doing this, the lawn will become green just before the first frost.

Behind-the-scenes is the element of preservation. When winter comes, the frost keeps in whatever was already there. For example, if the lawn is yellow when it frosts, the lawn will remain yellow or even become brown by the time spring appears. Likewise, the greener the lawn at the onset of winter, the greener the lawn when winter ends.

What we find most beneficial about this strategy is the fact that, once the weather turns, the lawn won’t need any more fertilizer until the end of the cold season. However, this doesn’t exempt anyone from staying off a frosty lawn. Avoid stepping on the frozen grass because it can damage the blades. Simply let nature take its course in preserving your lawn while you enjoy time with family and friends.


Autumn in an area full of trees means gorgeous, colorful leaves. Unfortunately, leaves hurt the grass. When they sit on the lawn, they burn the blades and increase rot. This means staying on top of raking leaves is a highly beneficial practice going into wintertime.

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As some winters take longer to get cold, it’s okay to spread small amounts of fertilizer before the first frost. That’s the unofficial cutoff time for winterizing lawns.

Local landscape stores will provide the best recommendations for fertilizers for your geographical area and climate. Or, contact us with any questions you may have by calling (503) 884-6554.

Remember, winterizing lawns means fertilizer to get them green first, then sit back and relax with a nice cup of hot cocoa and some holiday tunes.

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