Garden Calendar – Spring

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SPRING (March, April, May)

We all look forward to spring! It provides a much needed break from the long, grey winter. As buds swell and trees and shrubs burst into bloom, it’s time to think about getting our yards ready for the season. Follow this handy checklist to make sure your property is ready for the summer ahead. If you have additional items you think should be added, please leave us a note in the Comments section below. Thank you.



Apply dormant oil spray in early spring, before buds break. This will eliminate  insect eggs on deciduous shrubs and trees and help to control Scale, as well as other pests

Remove winter weeds from beds

Lime your lawn

Plant bare root trees and shrubs in early March

Apply compost or organic mulch to all beds. Be sure not to pile it up against plant trunks, as this can lead to damage

Put down pre-emergents in lawns, beds and gravel pathways / driveways to prevent summer weeds

Turn under green manure cover crops (clover, rye, mustard, etc). Work organic compost into the garden beds. This is best done on a dry day since working wet soil can lead to compaction

Start flower and vegetable seedlings indoors

Cut back Roses and perennial grasses

Set up stakes and cages for plants needing any additional support throughout the growing season



Divide crowded bulbs and early blooming perennials after flowering has been completed. Transplant or give away any extras

Move flower and vegetable seedlings outdoors to harden off. Wait at least a week before planting

Cover new vegetable starts with row covers. This will protect against late frosts as well as early insects

Apply moss killer to lawns and hardscapes. Be sure to use the correct products as chemicals used for lawns should not be used on hardscapes, and vice versa.

Topdress rock pathways and re-sand pavers

Pressure wash hardscapes, decks, fences and buildings

Go through irrigation systems to make sure there are no leaks and all heads are functioning properly. Have your backflow checked by a licensed professional

Clean water features

Fertilize all trees and shrubs

Cut fresh edges on all your beds

Overseed lawns as needed, especially in shady areas

Prune spring blooming trees and shrubs after flowering (Lilac, Forsythia, Camellia, Crabapple, etc)

Install soaker hoses or drip irrigation systems before the heat of summer hits

Plant spring and summer annuals

Contact any contractors for work you may want to hire out – schedules fill up quickly

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