2012 – Year Of The Bat

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Bat houses are increasing in importance as critical habitat continues to decline and predators, such as domestic cats, swell in range and population.  By providing secure housing, safe from predators and harsh weather, you can help to conserve a variety of bat species, all of which are greatly beneficial to home and commercial landscapes, as well as forests and farms.

 The tremendous value bats provide is difficult to overestimate. These hard working bug exterminators are invaluable, as a healthy bat population can eliminate the need for landscape pesticides.  All Oregon bats are insectivores (insect eaters). A single bat can consume well over a thousand insects in a single night! The natural pest control they provide can greatly reduce incidences of insect-born disease spread among humans.  In addition, bats add interest and entertainment with their antics, as well as educational opportunities.

Bats are clean animals that prefer to live in communal colonies.  Bat-human interactions are rare, as bats tend to be shy. Contrary to popular Hollywood movies, Rabies among bats is not a worry in the Pacific Northwest.  Of great concern, however, is white-nose syndrome, a bat-specific illness, currently found in the eastern US, which is rapidly reducing the numbers of bats world-wide.

Improve your property value, help the environment, provide critically needed housing and reduce pesky insects by simply installing a bat house (or several) on your property.


Did you know:

In many parts of the world, bats symbolize family unity, good health and good fortune.

2011 – 2012 has been declared the International Year Of The Bat



To learn more about the role of bats in nature or white-nose syndrome, click on the following:







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