Garden Calendar – Summer

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SUMMER (June, July , August) 

Summer always seems to fly by. Don’t let your outdoor duties get away from you. Use this quick reference calendar to keep on track with your seasonal chores. If you have additional items you think should be added, please leave us a note in the Comments section below. Thank you.

Fertilize your lawn monthly during the growing season

Apply slug bait as needed

Connect hoses and remove vent covers from buildings

Set your irrigation timer. Plan to provide 1 inch of water weekly to lawn areas and less to shrub beds

Deadhead flowers as needed to keep plants looking fresh

Harvest vegetable gardens on a regular basis. Regular harvesting will result in additional crop production for many garden plants

Cover berry crops with netting when fruit starts to appear

Plant cover crops in late summer. Crimson Clover and Annual Ryegrass are great choices

Cut back fall perennials (Mums, Asters, etc) to create bushier plants with less need for staking

Treat any outbreaks of Aphids, Whiteflies, Leafhoppers, etc immediately

Watch Roses for Black Spot. Consider replacing susceptible Roses with improved, resistant varieties

Plant heat loving plants, such as Lantana

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