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Landscape Erosion – Dealing with NW Weather Part 1

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When purchasing a new property or making alterations to your existing yard, something to consider is landscape erosion.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, the rainy season and general climate can lead to issues such as soil entering city waterways or even your neighbor’s yard and excess water damaging the landscaping. So, let’s dive into the two main types of landscape erosion control.

1) Root Systems

jute netting

If you anticipate landscape erosion on your property, you can mitigate potential problems through establishing structure to keep the land in place.

The most common option is planting or establishing a root system. Some of our customers opt for jute netting with some type of plant or seed which basically consists of biodegradable net placed in a whole and filled with a plant. Once the roots take hold, the net rots away.

With a series of rooted plants, this structure can effectively hold the hillside and prevent surface water from washing down or soil from affecting your landscape or that of your neighbor.

2) Walls or Underground Piping

Unlike root systems, retaining walls are external alternatives to prevent landscape erosion and are especially effective in areas of differing ground elevations. On occasion, engineers from the government are brought in for larger issues of erosion to create prevention strategies such as these.

Internal solutions besides rooting may involve piping to get surface water off of steep slopes. From plastic perforated pipes to PVC draining pipes, these intricate systems can even be combined with retaining walls for greater protection.

Holding the hillside in place, especially in rainy climates such as the northwest, can be a tricky business. But, engineers and trained landscape professionals have it down to a science.

Stay tuned for our next article on dealing with the northwest weather where we will focus on landscape drainage!

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