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Choosing a Commercial Property Landscaper – The Earth Tech Difference

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Landscape maintenance may not be at the top of your list as a business owner, but finding the right commercial property landscaper ensures that the site will be kept in tip-top shape, and free from hazards, resulting in greater customer satisfaction and loyalty to your business.

In the coming paragraphs, we will summarize the important factors to look for in a commercial property landscaper and what we consider the EarthTech Difference when it comes to quality, service, and professionalism.


What are the basic needs of a landscaped property? Maintenance of parking lots, flower beds, grassy areas, walkways, and water features are some of the first tasks that come to mind.  A fully-equipped landscaper must provide edging, mowing, leaf blowing, etc. These are basic necessities.

A Step Up

Is there anything beyond those simple tasks that should be considered? In fact, there are a few other key components to quality commercial property landscapers. We prioritize integrity, professionalism, and care.

Integrity comes into play when a crew member is completing one of the aforementioned necessary services and notices broken glass or graffiti. They have a choice between ignoring the problem, since it isn’t landscape-related, or reporting it to the property manager. EarthTech Landscape Solutions provides ongoing training to our employees, in part, to encourage continued acts of integrity.

As we see it, the property owner’s main priority isn’t an edged lawn but an overall beautiful location that keeps customers coming back. Our team is on site anywhere from one to three times each week, so we consider it our responsibility to notice anything in the way of that goal.

Professionalism – when using a noisy leaf blower, our crew is very mindful of people walking in the vicinity. Instead of continuing the loud work, they will pause while someone walks by and even smile to show the brief break is not an inconvenience. Being courteous is something we pride ourselves in at EarthTech. Every customer should feel welcome and impressed with not only the property, but the people keeping it maintained.

Care is a component weaved into each of these services. It is the value that upholds the rest. Because we care not only about the property but about the success of the owner and experience of the customers, we strive to conduct ourselves with integrity and professionalism.

Testing the Waters

The next time you need to choose a commercial property landscaper, or any landscaper for that matter, seek those keeping an eye out for the well-being of the site and its customers or visitors. Know that the EarthTech Difference of integrity, professionalism, and care is more than a set of values – it’s the foundation of everything we do.

Want to talk more about landscaping, commercial maintenance, or what we do here at Earth Tech? Call us today at (503) 884-6554 or send us an inquiry here.

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