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Transform Your Landscape with Outdoor Lighting

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Outdoor lighting can bring more than attention to your beautiful landscape but also provide necessary function. This seemingly simple addition transforms any property. Here are three of our recommended areas for illuminating your space:

1. Pathways

Picture this, you leave work after the sun has set, and you’re struggling to see the path to the parking lot. That’s no good. Then, when you get home, you remember the hose needs to be winterized. Stepping outside is fine when the porch light is sufficient, but you need to get the tools from your shed. Once again, you can’t see where you’re going.

Outdoor lighting for paths eliminates these issues, but there are some more strategic ways to place the lights for aesthetically pleasing illumination.

2. Plants

One of the greatest features of outdoor lighting is its ability to transform a landscape. For any well-lit property, it’s almost walking into a different landscape at night. This is especially true when the plants are featured with accent lights and can bounce light to other areas of the landscape.

3. Events

Do you entertain company at your home or office? Perhaps you enjoy relaxing outside on warm evenings. External lighting is great for late night parties or sitting on your back porch sipping a glass of wine.

But, all of this is best executed through the skill and expertise of a landscape designer who takes the time to create a plan for your space.


Outdoor Lighting Placement

What some landscapers are unaware of is the technique in placing the lighting. Having lamps along the pathway is nice, but being strategic about location can make all the difference. One good light aimed under a tree allows for a glow-like reflection off the leaves that illuminates the ground. This can replace simple pathway lighting for a more dramatic and multi-dimensional appeal.

Use the foliage to reflect light down which makes for setting the mood better versus having direct light in your eyes or on concrete path

nighttime in the backyard - outdoor lighting for paths and accent

Many companies have redesigned their lighting to use more efficient LED’s, color-changing lights that connect to your sound system, and various other lighting options. Overall, whatever you choose could make a world of difference when it comes to visual appeal, safety, and functionality of your space.

If you have any questions about utilizing lighting in your landscape, contact us today at (503) 884-6554.

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