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Transform Your Landscape with Outdoor Lighting

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Outdoor lighting can bring more than attention to your beautiful landscape but also provide necessary function. This seemingly simple addition transforms any property. Here are three of our recommended areas for illuminating your space: 1. Pathways Picture this, you leave work after the sun has set, and you’re struggling to see the path to the parking lot. That’s no good. …

Rhododendrons Care and Culture

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Rhododendrons are wonderful plants, capable of fulfilling many landscape needs. They bloom in nearly every color you can imagine and their boom time varies so much, from early spring to mid-winter, you can have a Rhododendron in flower nearly year-round. Contrary to popular belief, Rhododendrons do fine in full sun. In their native China, Rhododendrons serve as the forest canopy, …

Attracting and Feeding Song Birds

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The keys to attracting songbirds to your yard are simple – provide food, water and cover. Food and cover are easily provided through good plant choices. Avoid using pesticides to ensure a plentiful diet of insects. Some insecticides may poison birds. Allowing your yard to be a bit ‘messy’ is also beneficial, since many insects overwinter beneath fallen leaves, providing …

Verticillium Wilt

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VERTICILLIUM WILT Verticillium Wilt is a fungal disease affecting over 400 species of plants. It is spread by infection through wounds, which can occur naturally via contaminated soil and wind, or artificially, such as through unsanitary pruning practices between infected plants.  Verticillium Wilt kills by interrupting plant vascular systems, thereby preventing the transport of food, water and nutrients.