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Choosing a Commercial Property Landscaper – The Earth Tech Difference

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Landscape maintenance may not be at the top of your list as a business owner, but finding the right commercial property landscaper ensures that the site will be kept in tip-top shape, and free from hazards, resulting in greater customer satisfaction and loyalty to your business. In the coming paragraphs, we will summarize the important factors to look for in …

rain on a bridge walkway with fall leaves - landscape drainage is important

Landscape Drainage – Dealing with NW Weather Part 2

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How important is Landscape Drainage? From flooding and rotting to pest issues and air quality, non-existent or ineffective landscape drainage can have a huge impact on your buildings. Soggy spots in your lawn or flower beds and storm-water run-off pose their own set of issues. Drainage issues are potential hazards and can harm your landscape as well as your home, …

Pressure Washing

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Pressure washing is a fast and affordable way to spruce up your property. Pressure washing, when done correctly, can remove dirt, moss, debris and weeds from hardscapes, grime from building windows and exteriors and stains from decks and fencing. This task is easily accomplished by even a novice operator, as long as care is taken. Pressure washers are available for …

Verticillium Wilt

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VERTICILLIUM WILT Verticillium Wilt is a fungal disease affecting over 400 species of plants. It is spread by infection through wounds, which can occur naturally via contaminated soil and wind, or artificially, such as through unsanitary pruning practices between infected plants.  Verticillium Wilt kills by interrupting plant vascular systems, thereby preventing the transport of food, water and nutrients.

Landscaping Under Walnut Trees

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Walnut trees naturally produce a chemical called Juglone, which inhibits or prevents the growth of other plants. Juglone is found in Walnut leaves, fruits and other parts. Many plants are intolerant of Juglone, making landscaping under Walnuts a real challenge. If allowed, Juglone can build up in the soil to levels toxic to other plants.  When planting underneath Walnut trees, …