rain on a bridge walkway with fall leaves - landscape drainage is important

Landscape Drainage – Dealing with NW Weather Part 2

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How important is Landscape Drainage? From flooding and rotting to pest issues and air quality, non-existent or ineffective landscape drainage can have a huge impact on your buildings. Soggy spots in your lawn or flower beds and storm-water run-off pose their own set of issues. Drainage issues are potential hazards and can harm your landscape as well as your home, …

landscape with a hill and trees - avoid landscape erosion

Landscape Erosion – Dealing with NW Weather Part 1

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When purchasing a new property or making alterations to your existing yard, something to consider is landscape erosion. Here in the Pacific Northwest, the rainy season and general climate can lead to issues such as soil entering city waterways or even your neighbor’s yard and excess water damaging the landscaping. So, let’s dive into the two main types of landscape …


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Xeriscaping refers to water efficient landscaping, which utilizes water efficient plants, minimal fertilizer and chemical input and is low maintenance, all of which results in less weed growth and less water run off.  In no way does this mean sacrificing color, texture and diversity in your landscape. Xeriscape plants include groundcovers, ornamental grasses, perennials, bulbs, shrubs and trees. Xeriscaping is …