Control and Prevention of Common Turf Weeds

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Spring (April to mid-June) and Fall (Mid-September thru October) provide the best opportunities for lawn herbicide applications – you will get the best weed kill and the least damage to your lawn. Repeated applications, as allowed by manufacturer’s directions, can provide the best kill. Never treat turf weeds in the summer, if possible, as high temperatures combined with herbicide applications …

Pre-emergents For Weed Control

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Do you want to prevent weed infestations in your beds? Control the invasion of unwanted plants in gravel driveways and pathways? Keep annual weeds from colonizing your lawns? Save yourself time and energy by investing in pre-emergents! Pre-emergents are chemicals which prevent weed seeds in the soil from germinating. They range from gentle, short term control (such as Preen for …

Verticillium Wilt

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VERTICILLIUM WILT Verticillium Wilt is a fungal disease affecting over 400 species of plants. It is spread by infection through wounds, which can occur naturally via contaminated soil and wind, or artificially, such as through unsanitary pruning practices between infected plants.  Verticillium Wilt kills by interrupting plant vascular systems, thereby preventing the transport of food, water and nutrients.