Landscape Design

At EarthTech, we have an in-house designer to ensure that your experience is pleasant and seamless. Creating a new landscape design or outdoor living space is exciting but can also be overwhelming. Thanks to our Landscape Designer and Project Manager, you will have the professional resources that you need!

Scott’s primary objective is to listen to you, the client. He wants to hear your vision, determine your style, and find out how you want to utilize your outdoor areas. The end result is a beautiful, sustainable, and safe environment to enjoy for years to come.

With our comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of design, from plants to hardscapes, and soils to sustainability, we’ve got you covered!

Why Choose EarthTech?

landscape design drawingback yard aerial view - commercial landscaping

Getting Started

Your landscape designer will need a wide variety of information to create the best design for your space. Before your initial design meeting, think about the following details.

Soil – What type do you have, and how will that affect plant choices?

    – Clay, Decomposed Granite, Sandy, Rocky, Hard Pan

Structure – What will be necessary to provide privacy, plant growth, focal areas, etc.?

    – Wind Screens, Retaining Walls, Water Features, Patio, Fence, Walkways

Style – Do you have preferences for the overall look of the space?

    – Lighting, Garden Areas, Plants, Home Architecture, Colors, Textures, Fragrance

Safety – Who will use your yard, and what types of animals have access?

    – Allergies, Pets, Kids, Deer, Accessibility, etc.

Maintenance & Conservation – Are you looking for sustainability?

    – Water System, Drip Irrigation, Drought Resistant Plants, Low Maintenance?

Design Process

Our final design plans are to scale and in color so you get a great idea of what the space will look like when complete.

  1. Landscape Designer & Client Meeting
  2. Determine Initial Preferences & Brainstorm Ideas and Concepts
  3. Formulate Thoughts on Paper
  4. Select Plants
    • Focal Areas
    • Privacy Screening
    • Color, Texture, Size, Fragrance
    • Proportional Balance
    • Consider Children, Pets, Toxic Plants, Wildlife
  5. Water Requirements / Sustainability
  6. Outdoor Lighting – Pathways, Uplighting, General Security
  7. Other Features – Water, Decks, Patios, Fencing, Walkways
  8. Preferred Level of Maintenance