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Costco chooses EarthTech for south Salem site

Costco chose EarthTech after a rigorous review to install and maintain landscaping for their new business site. Follow the progress of this 2021 project here.

A tight timeline plus a huge volume of plant material

The from-the-ground-up new Costco in the Kuebler Gateway Shopping Center in Salem, Oregon is the largest business landscaping project EarthTech has ever been awarded.

With an extremely tight timeline, a huge volume of plant material required, and rigid deadlines, this project is a major challenge for any commercial landscaping firm. EarthTech is proud to have earned the Costco business and is more than pleased to accept the challenge.

Significant installation work required

Although the landscape was designed by the Costco team, with strict specifications for shrubs, trees and groundcovers, EarthTech will be preparing the soil and planting between scheduled construction phases. Intensive on site work begins in mid-August and will progress for 6 to 8 weeks. Meanwhile, the team is locating plant material from all over the West Coast and Idaho to fulfill the requirements.

The EarthTech team will be dedicated exclusively to this business landscaping project during the 8 week install window. Three to four contracted “mockups” of sample plantings will be created even before irrigation is installed. One year of maintenance after the scheduled opening in February of 2022 is also part of the contract.

Watch this page to follow the progress of this exciting new business landscaping project in Salem, Oregon. The enthusiasm of the whole EarthTech team for this new challenge is apparent when you see them working!

“Over the years I have been on numerous Costco projects all over the country, too many to count, and we have never had such a good landscaping company. EarthTech was easy to work with and one of the few to finish on time.”

Eugene MeltonSuperintendent, Robinson Construction

Project Size:

181,870 square feet of Landscaped Areas

  • 136,465 square feet of Landscape Beds
  • 29,180 square feet of Sod Lawn Areas
  • 7,425 square feet of Rough Seeded Lawn
  • 8,800 square feet of StormWater

Scope of Project:

In just 8 weeks, landscaping completion by October 1, 2021

  • Purchase, deliver, and install more than 4,000 cubic feet of landscape soil
  • Install more than 34,000 line feet of irrigation pipe and 20,000 line feet of drip pipe
  • Source, purchase, and install plant material including
    • Trees: 533
    • Shrubs: 9,662
    • Ground Cover Plants: 32,000
    • StormWater Plants: 6,674

Project Challenges:

The biggest challenge is the tight timeframe to source and install all Costco contract requirements. The volume of plant material needed would be difficult to locate even in “normal” times, but in the era of COVID, it’s next to impossible. Coordinating with many different suppliers up and down the West Coast to find material and then have it delivered in time is extremely demanding for the EarthTech team.

During summer, a staging area at EarthTech headquarters is being built, and hours on the phone to suppliers are a daily summer task.

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