Sprinkler pros keep the system running all year long

The EarthTech irrigation experts are often called “Sprinkler Pros” although they work with more than sprinkler systems. They’re experts at winterizing any irrigation for winter, then starting it up correctly in the spring.

You could even call them the “drip dudes” … or not

After your investment in a new or refurbished commercial landscape, your goal is to keep that beautiful landscape clean and green. EarthTech’s irrigation experts (our sprinkler pros and drip dudes) follow a specific system to ensure all irrigation is working properly during the growing season. When it’s dry and hot, you want that investment in plants to pay off with growth—and that takes the right amount of water.

Annual maintenance keeps the water flowing

Your EarthTech team will monitor your landscape and irrigation system with monthly observation and inspections during the growing season. Routine visits may include adjusting run time in specific zones to ensure optimum plant health and growth. We also watch for damage to sprinkler heads or broken pipes.

At the end of the growing season, your sprinkler pros will winterize the irrigation system to prevent freezing. Winterization includes bleeding all lines to drain them of water. Preparing for startup in spring covers physically turning on each part of the system to check every zone, sprinkler head, and nozzle for correct water coverage.

A cohesive landscape, stormwater and irrigation maintenance program

Our clients rely on us to design, install and maintain their commercial landscape plans, including stormwater systems. What can we do for you? Our team is ready to jump in.

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“The owners and staff at EarthTech are very customer service oriented and are always very approachable.”

Dianne MunleyAsset Manager, State Investments LLC