A commercial landscape contractor who offers more

EarthTech Landscape Solutions is a landscape contractor with deep experience in cohesive commercial projects which include general landscaping and stormwater facility design and installation.

Property managers and general contractors choose EarthTech

Property managers rely on EarthTech to keep all their landscaping clean and attractive; to communicate if they spot any issues; and to be a professional and reliable resource to enhance the value of their properties—whether business parks, commercial sites or multi-family residential complexes.

General contractors in Oregon choose EarthTech again and again for their design and installation experience on new commercial developments, including stormwater management facilities which meet code. They appreciate the value of EarthTech’s tight project management, constant communication with those on site, and their ability to make every contractor’s job easier and smoother.

Owners of homes with acreage choose EarthTech to plan their landscape, often with a 5- or 10-year plan for installation. Homeowners who don’t know where to start can think ahead with a comprehensive, site-specific landscape plan knowing the initial design cost is credited against installation. From considering views to preserve; to tackling water and soil conditions; to incorporating sun and wind patterns; to addressing scale, plant/tree sizes and choices; the final landscape master plan provides a thoughtful, long-term approach and a beautiful vision for the residential property.

Professional approach and steadfast service

EarthTech offers a complete service to those looking for more than the average commercial landscape contractor. With EarthTech, you’ll discover:

  • Thoughtful design which is mindful of the environment
  • Careful choice of plants and growing mediums
  • Well-planned irrigation for water savings and coverage
  • Proper installation of hardscapes, plant material, water features and irrigation systems
  • And ongoing professional, attentive maintenance

The EarthTech team has built a reputation for attention to detail and proactive communication.

Landscape design + stormwater system design

We’ll work with the overall site plan and goals for the property and the owner. Slope, soil type and depth, overall visual appeal, dryland areas, clear sight lines into commercial properties, maintenance, plant and tree size are just a few of the considerations in design.

Stormwater systems are integrated into landscape design, because they’re now required on most new commercial construction. Codes vary city by city.

The EarthTech team will verify which codes apply to a particular project, then integrate stormwater management into the final commercial landscape design. Our stormwater systems meet local codes, and the landscapes we design meet the goals of the property owner.

Native plant knowledge and selection

Native plants are valuable in a large landscaping project to match the site and to preserve resources. Plants native to the area have evolved to thrive in Oregon’s soils and climate conditions. In other words, it’s better for our environment and your budget to use native plants. They won’t require heavy watering, special mulch in winter for frost protection, or spraying for pest control.

Our experts will recommend and source plants which offer beauty and texture while conserving your resources.

We assess the project site and resources first

To provide needed coverage while conserving water, design is as important as installation. We begin with an assessment of the project site for various factors including sun exposure, wind, slope, soil type, and potential plant material.

Measurement of water flow—gallons per minute and water pressure—determines how we size pipe, choose valves and irrigation heads or plan for drip. Low water flow can drive the cost of installation up as it requires more zones to manage water delivery to plants. With these careful preparations first, the final irrigation design is a blueprint for a thriving landscape.

Landscape and stormwater maintenance

Our landscape maintenance teams receive regular praise for their courtesy, professionalism and attentive review of the property each week. If something is wrong, for example an abandoned car or a broken window, they’ll quickly report it to the property manager.

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“I can’t say enough about the great experience our company has had with EarthTech Landscape Solutions. We own commercial real estate around Salem … Our properties have never looked so good.”

Dianne MunleyAsset Manager, State Investments LLC