Sprinkler system installation is just the start

Proper installation of an irrigation system begins with a design which considers both the project site and water resources. If sprinklers aren’t right for the whole site, EarthTech will recommend options to save water and enhance the landscape design.

Proper installation methods are vital to success

When success looks like a thriving natural landscape and sprinkler installation which waters the plants and not the parking lot, it’s the result of both careful irrigation design and thoughtful installation.

At EarthTech, we continually train our irrigation installation team on updated methods and new technology so we’re as efficient as possible from the ground up. We know installing the infrastructure correctly with the future in mind will help with possible additions or when new technologies arrive.

Accurate installation helps conserve water, too

Good irrigation design, planned for the whole landscape, is the start. But without accurate installation of all the piping, emitters, valves, timers, sprinkler heads and connections, the planned system will not function correctly to conserve water and irrigate efficiently.

New technology continues to make sprinkler systems and other methods more effective when it comes to saving water. Our installation team is knowledgeable about new systems including:

Drip irrigation systems

Pipe and new emitter designs allow for accurately irrigating plant material without wasteful overspray, which happens frequently with spray nozzles.

MPR nozzles
(Matched Precipitation Rate)

Allow large and small landscape areas to zone together with different sizes of rotary, gear-driven sprinkler systems.

There is no charge for our irrigation plan if we handle the installation for you.

After installation, automate the watering schedule

Each individual system is set up for automated watering, the most efficient method for both sprinkler system installation and other systems. We plan the timing, time of day and length of time required to get sufficient water to the plants which need it. When designing both the overall irrigation system and setting up an automated watering schedule, we consider sun exposure, wind, slope, soil type and the types of plant material.

When it comes to spring startup and fall shutdown, we’ll continue to care for the irrigation infrastructure under our maintenance program. Of course, once installed, we’ll check and double-check to ensure everything is working properly.

When you’re looking for a landscaping company experienced in sprinkler and irrigation systems for commercial properties, talk to EarthTech. Our clients rave about the quality of our work, our attention to detail and our always available, proactive team.

Irrigation Design

Landscape Maintenance

Save Water

“For many years, EarthTech has provided monthly landscape service for several commercial accounts. They are professional, consistent and thorough. The properties always look great and they are pro-active in bringing to my attention any issues that need to be addressed.”

Dan S. NoblePresident/Owner, Premium Property Management, Inc