Commercial landscape design to simplify property management

Unlike designing a landscape for a home, commercial landscape design must meet different goals. A beautiful property is important, yet plant choices and irrigation systems can reduce ongoing costs for property owners and managers.

New construction or redesign of commercial properties

EarthTech’s in-house designer, Scott Tandy, is known for his skilled and thoughtful landscape design. Always conscious of environmental impact, his commercial landscape designs often incorporate required stormwater management systems.

Scott’s goal is to listen to the property owner, collaborate with the builder and architect, and determine the specific requirements of the project site. From slope to soil, sunny to shady areas, sight lines to overall landscape style to water supply, he’ll ask the questions which will help him design a plan that cares for the earth while ensuring easy maintenance and maintaining property value.

Design questions include:


What’s available, how does it change in different parts of the site, what spots need to have dirt moved, replenished or amended? The soil will affect plant choices and irrigation, too.


What’s necessary to support plant growth, provide access, create a focal point or protect privacy? This could include walkways or sidewalks, water features, patio areas, retaining walls, fencing and/or windscreens.


How should the landscape design support the property owner’s preferences and the architecture of the buildings? What about lighting, colors, textures and fragrances?


Who will use and access the commercial property? What concerns are there for accessibility, protection of specific spaces, children and play areas, deer in the area?


Are you concerned about sustainability? What about irrigation systems, drought resistant plants, perennials for spring or summer blooming, maintenance plans including regular cleanup, pruning and leaf cleanup?

The EarthTech team offers comprehensive insight into all aspects of commercial landscape design, from horticultural knowledge to hardscapes and soils to sustainability. You’ll discover people you can talk to, a collaborative working relationship, thoughtful consideration of costs and the environment, and a beautiful commercial landscape designed and installed by experts.

Dedicated to being good stewards of the land

Contact EarthTech when you care about the environment and a beautiful landscape. Your commercial landscape won’t require excessive watering or extra maintenance of plants which don’t match the site. End result? Lower ongoing costs and enhanced property values.

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“During the design process they were very helpful with ideas of products that would work better than our initial design in cost savings, longevity and success of the plants.”

Jerry ShermanSuperintendent, Gerding Builders