Landscape irrigation can simplify maintenance

Designing and installing the right irrigation system will keep your new commercial landscape thriving while it conserves water. Your investment in landscaping will pay off, and you’ll lower your costs.

Irrigation designed for your project site and our environment

Irrigation, even in rainy Oregon, is always a consideration in both landscape design and installation. Based on the site and the goals, as well as the choice of plantings, we will consider sprinkler systems or drip, low flow or regular flow, automated systems which can change for the seasons, or areas which can remain natural, even in summer heat.

We’ll do the calculations to determine which irrigation system best fits your site. We then include the installation of your custom irrigation system when we install your landscape plan.

EarthTech can install the irrigation system designed by your landscape architect or develop a comprehensive design plan for you.

We assess the project site and resources first

To provide needed coverage while conserving water, design is as important as installation. We begin with an assessment of the project site for various factors including sun exposure, wind, slope, soil type, and potential plant material.

Measurement of water flow—gallons per minute and water pressure—determines how we size pipe, choose valves and irrigation heads or plan for drip. Low water flow can drive the cost of installation up as it requires more zones to manage water delivery to plants. With these careful preparations first, the final irrigation design is a blueprint for a thriving landscape.

Water conservation and efficiency are vital

At EarthTech, we are committed to designing the most up-to-date irrigation systems on the market. The systems we choose and install encompass water conservation and maximum efficiency to deliver cost-effective landscape irrigation.

Our irrigation designs encompass:

  • Residential water meters
  • Well systems
  • Reservoir tanks
  • Pumps
  • Large commercial/industrial applications

Automated systems improve efficiency

Automated devices are all around us. We know automated systems are the only consistent method to manage irrigation systems on commercial sites. Our work keeps us up-to-date on the latest technology for automated sprinkler systems or timed drip systems from industry leaders such as Hunter and Rainbird.

Systems can include:

Lawn sprinkler systems

which typically use pop-up type sprinklers with a four to 15-foot throw and larger rotor type pop-up sprinkler heads with a 20- to 80-foot throw

Drip irrigation systems

with inline emitters drip tubing or direct drip zeri-bug type emitter system

Plant choices support water conservation

More commercial builders and their clients are asking for drought tolerant planting schemes. The EarthTech team has both the knowledge and resources to choose plants which won’t require heavy watering during the summer. Yet even drought tolerant plants appreciate watering during dry spells for at least two growing seasons to help them get established.

When it comes to water conservation, a primary consideration on commercial sites is correct installation of stormwater systems or bioretention areas, as required by city or county code. These functional landscape installations slow the velocity of stormwater runoff and filter rainwater through engineered soils and vegetation. Here at EarthTech, our comprehensive landscape plans and installations cover cohesive landscape, irrigation and stormwater system design and installation.

Talk to us about your commercial landscape irrigation system—we can design and install for you or install based on a plan you already have. With EarthTech you’ll know you’re conserving water while keeping your landscape looking its best.

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