A stormwater rain garden adds water to our aquifers

Even in rainy Oregon, water is precious. A stormwater rain garden is designed to stop rainfall runoff, capture excess water and help it drain into the ground while filtering pollutants through layers of soil and gravel.

Prevent flooding in our rapidly changing climate

As our climate changes (yes, it’s happening), our region is seeing shifts in rainfall and snow levels. Some years are very dry, then others are excessively wet. And more often, rainfall in Oregon’s Willamette Valley is sudden and heavy. Flooding happens more quickly when inches of rain fall within a few days.

Heavy rain or snow melt burdens current stormwater drainage systems, which include ditches, stormwater ponds, curbs and gutters, storm drains, catch basins and storm sewer pipes. As more of our surface areas are covered with roads, sidewalks, parking lots and buildings, water runoff from heavy storms builds up quickly.

A stormwater rain garden is designed to retain runoff

These stormwater systems are designed to retain runoff from heavy rains in urban areas, where hard surfaces collect water quickly. Each system must meet code to handle a specific amount of water calculated from the surface area of a commercial project—roof area, parking lots, sidewalks and driveways. The size, placement and construction of the stormwater system is designated by local codes and the specific site.

A stormwater system is built with layers of certified soil which is full of microorganisms (certified before and after installation), sand and gravel, and planted with approved vegetation. A correctly designed stormwater rain garden will keep water from flowing into streets and down into sewers, filter it and help it soak back into our aquifers.

Gallons of wasted rainfall that might just flow away into our rivers and streams, carrying pollutants, are filtered and retained by a rain garden built to code. This regulated runoff can help bring back our supply of precious water.


systems installed


million gallons of water saved

We’ll do the homework for your local codes

Wherever your commercial building project is in Oregon, it’s likely there are new codes required for any new construction. Count on our expert team to handle the details. We’ll research codes for your site, then design and install the stormwater rain gardens your project requires based on the size of your hard surface areas and your location.

Your commercial landscape project will be integrated to your site, from plant selection to design and installation of the stormwater rain garden. At EarthTech, we’re doing our part to help our environment with earth-friendly landscape practices for commercial projects. Contact us about your project. You’ll be impressed with our positive, proactive approach.

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