Stormwater best management practices includes maintenance

Each stormwater facility we install includes two years of follow up maintenance for the system. We will ensure water is being absorbed correctly and plants remain healthy to contribute to the filtering process.

An integrated system for stormwater management

Because a stormwater facility is designed to capture excess rainfall and return it to our aquifers, maintenance cannot include the use of chemicals for weed control, fertilizer or pest control. Those chemicals can damage wildlife and pollute our water supply.

The design of a stormwater system, as part of a complete commercial landscape, is to preserve the environment and care for our streams and rivers. We incorporate earth-friendly practices into all our landscaping work including the design and installation of effective stormwater management.


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million gallons of water saved

Commercial landscape maintenance includes stormwater facilities

When EarthTech is chosen to maintain the landscape we install for a general contractor or property owner, we provide complete maintenance of the site, ensuring any chemicals are kept away from the rain gardens. After two years, we’ll also eliminate watering in the stormwater area, to meet code. Two years after installation your rain gardens will be, for the most part, viable on their own, without regular attention.

Stormwater Design

Stormwater Installation

Landscape Maintenance