Not all commercial landscaping companies are alike

Stormwater facility design and installation is vital in today’s commercial landscaping, yet most Oregon landscaping companies can’t match the experience EarthTech offers.

From design to installation, we know stormwater code and installation

Today a commercial landscape installation on new construction often includes at least one stormwater system.

Whether you call it a rain garden, bioswale, vegetative filter strip or stormwater planter, codes vary from city to city. Those codes drive the design of the stormwater system as an integral piece of a commercial landscape. And they guide specific materials and processes for installation.

After installation of 79+ stormwater systems on 17+ projects in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, we can honestly say we have immersed our team in the complex details of installation to meet all requirements.

But we don’t stop there. We have built our reputation on commercial landscape design, installation and maintenance.

What matters in landscape installation is often hidden

Our commercial landscape installation begins from the ground up. We carefully consider a sequence of construction details so we can efficiently and effectively work our way through the project.

There are correct techniques and processes which are hidden once a project is complete. For example,

  • Initial excavation to prepare the site for the landscape design
  • Planning for natural drainage, particularly in hilly areas, to prevent erosion
  • Irrigation systems sized and installed correctly for the site, slope and water pressure
  • Soil quality or amendments to keep plants thriving instead of dying
  • Plant choices for shady versus sunny spots, or rocky soil versus clay or loam
  • Placement of retaining walls or water features with the correct footings and support
  • Careful and thorough installation of water features or patio areas
  • Hydroseeding and mulch to ensure even growth on lawn areas

Count on the experienced pros from EarthTech

Our main focus is to keep the project site clean and organized so all phases of the landscape installation run smoothly. Our team is trained to be proactive. We always strive to make the job run smoothly while cooperating with other subs on site.

Already have a commercial landscape plan?

We’ll install to your plan, from choosing plants to installing hardscapes, water features and lighting.

You may have searched through a list of commercial landscaping companies. How do you choose the best partner for your project? Talk to EarthTech first. We’ll be happy to provide you with references for our work installing commercial landscapes and stormwater systems.

The EarthTech team is licensed, experienced, and trained to build your commercial landscape to meet design specifications. You’ll discover we love what we do, and we’ll get it done right.

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“EarthTech provides quality service and installation starting with their bid through project completion.”

Jordan FellSpecial Projects Director, Emerick Construction Company