New construction requires stormwater management

A stormwater management plan is required for most new construction projects in Oregon. Local codes dictate the design of the systems to establish uniformity on mandated commercial and residential projects. Our experts will verify codes for your project and job site, then design and install your system.

Codes for stormwater management have been adapted city to city

Most cities and counties now require stormwater management systems to meet local codes on new commercial or residential construction. Some cities are now requiring rain gardens for individual homes.

Protect your investment, ensure all codes are followed

In Oregon, most cities and counties have followed the codes set by the City of Portland. Yet may vary city by city. By rigorously following established codes for design and installation, we help you avoid any potential additional expenses. If the stormwater system is not designed and installed to meet local codes for your project and site you could be fined. The system would have to be rebuilt to meet code.

Your investment in the property and your construction project will be protected when the stormwater management plan provides correct drainage of excess rainfall, and it’s built to pass inspection for local codes.

We’ll handle the headache of local stormwater codes

City and county codes are set as a standard that must be met to establish uniformity throughout mandated projects. Our experience on 17+ projects with 79+ stormwater systems designed and installed in Oregon’s mid-Willamette Valley means we know all the details to get your project done right.

We’ll take the headache out of your project. We’ll do the research to determine exactly what is required for your particular project and site. Often there are options for stormwater systems—whether rain garden, dry detention basin or bioswale.

We’ll design the right options into your landscape plan, each chosen to fit features of your particular job site. Your stormwater management plan is part of your landscape plan.

We have the resources and expertise to manage the many details from certified soil to plant choices to digging out the precise location and choosing and planting the right vegetation.

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