Rainwater management to meet codes

Today’s codes and regulations require specific methods and materials to pass city inspection on new construction projects and their rainwater management system. Each installation within a construction site can be different but must meet local codes.

Rigorous requirements demand experience

Each stormwater system within a construction site might be a different style, often there can be multiple options approved by local codes, whether bioswale or vegetation filtration strip or rain garden. Each requires knowledge of the specific components and material requirements. For example:

  • The required soil, not easily available, is filled with microorganisms to improve the filtering of pollutants in the rain garden. The soil is sampled periodically and sent for inspection, then inspected and certified immediately before installation. If it doesn’t pass inspection, it must be taken out and replaced.
  • Some locations now require compacting soil in six-inch lifts, which requires rolling as the soil is placed to a depth of six inches, then adding another six inches and rolling again.
  • Specific plant material is designated for its filtering properties and low maintenance. There are no chemicals allowed—whether for weeds, pests or fertilizer—in an installed rainwater management system.

Count on our experienced team to install correctly

Our project managers and install team are experienced in building landscapes to fit the approved design plan. We’ll install different forms of rainwater management systems, as needed. Our goal is to take the headache of design, material choices, installation details and code requirements from the general contractor we work with. Dozens of regional companies count on us to get the job done right.

We assign a project manager to work with the contractor’s team and subs, to schedule our work around your timeline. We’re always in communication. You’ll have someone on site to talk to should any questions or concerns come up. We’re committed to smooth and proactive project management and clear communication with everyone involved.

Stormwater materials

  • Growing medium
  • Topsoil
  • Compost
  • Drain rock
  • Acidity and alkalinity
  • Jute netting/Jute matting
  • Check dam
  • Slope

We’re dedicated to preserving our environment

At EarthTech, we’re doing our part to help our environment with earth-friendly landscape practices for commercial projects. We know correctly-installed stormwater systems will help to manage rainfall and preserve our streams and rivers.

Contact us about your project. You’ll be impressed with our positive, proactive approach.

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“Scott and Fabian kept great lines of communication thru the entire project with me. The landscaper on projects of this size are always brought in at the end of the job when everything is a rush and have multiple subcontractors on site … their crew worked extremely well with all my other subs.”

Jerry ShermanSuperintendent, Gerding Builders