Few irrigation companies deliver EarthTech’s care

Two factors are important when working with irrigation companies—design to fit the landscape plan and a system to manage water resources carefully. EarthTech is focused on sustainability in all commercial landscape projects.

Irrigation to support our environment

As an integral part of a comprehensive commercial landscape plan, irrigation is essential. After all, irrigation is what keeps plants growing and thriving even when it’s hot. Although Oregon’s winter is rainy and extra water isn’t needed, we also have long, hot and dry summers. Plants will suffer in those conditions, and your investment in landscaping could be wasted without irrigation.

Careful planning for the site and existing water resources

Commercial landscape irrigation takes more than laying down soaker hoses or setting up automated sprinkler systems. Many irrigation companies may not consider the details EarthTech studies.

Area of coverage

How much of the landscape needs to be watered? It doesn’t make sense to water everything in a large acreage. What are the options? We could create dry creeks in areas where water drains in the winter or use native plants for easy maintenance.

Water flow

Meticulous measurement of water capacity on site includes pressure as well as volume of water needed for appropriate coverage. Flow, soil and the landscape plan could influence above ground, below ground or drip, depending on your goals for water usage.

Plant choices

Drought tolerant plants or native plants are often good choices for areas without irrigation. They can help reduce the volume of water needed to keep a landscape design thriving. We have both the resources and knowledge to match irrigation to plant requirements. Even with drought tolerant plants, we recommend watering for at least two growing seasons, until they are established.

Types of irrigation

Automated sprinkler systems or low-flow drip, irrigation technology has progressed in recent years when it comes to saving water. At EarthTech, we research and train to stay on top of new developments and new technologies which conserve water.

A complete irrigation company—design, install, maintain

Your investment in a landscape design to fit your project’s site and requirements will be supported by a well-designed and properly installed irrigation system. Without it, trees, shrubs, lawns and plantings will suffer and not present the professional appearance you want.

Count on the professionals at EarthTech to analyze, design, install and maintain an irrigation system which keeps your landscape thriving and attractive. You’ll appreciate our attention to detail and the environment. We offer more than what you might find with other irrigation companies.

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Irrigation Maintenance

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“Once EarthTech is in the picture you no longer have to worry about curb appeal. EarthTech also provides landscape and irrigation design. I am completely satisfied with Fabian, Greg, Scott and their entire team!”

Dan S. NoblePresident/Owner, Premium Property Management, Inc