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We work with general contractors, landscape architects and property managers in Oregon’s mid-Willamette Valley. Owners of large residential properties count on us to plan, design, and install a phased-in landscape.

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An integrated landscape system

Your commercial project or large residential property requires an integrated landscape solution—design, plant selection for the site, irrigation system, a stormwater filtration system, and ongoing, expert maintenance to keep it refreshed and attractive. That’s what we do.

Count on our experienced landscaping team

We do the homework

We’ll verify local codes for your site, which vary by location, then design to meet code.

Site-specific design

Each system is planned and built to handle waterflow from your project’s surfaces.

Careful plant selection

Specific vegetation and soil filters and cleans stormwater. We’ll plant correctly.

We’re here to make your job smoother and faster

That’s why more contractors, builders and property managers choose EarthTech for commercial landscaping and stormwater systems.

Working with EarthTech … There is no need for substantial oversight of a project because their crew and project managers are meticulous about their work …

Isaac TalleyChemeketa Community College

… they were very helpful with ideas of products that would work better than our initial design in cost savings, longevity and success of the plants. … I would recommend them for any project …

Jerry ShermanGerding Building

... great experience ... with EarthTech. ... managing the landscape at all of our properties since 2012. Our properties have never looked so good.

Dianne MunleyAsset Manager State Investments LLC

Why are stormwater systems required?

Save water

Stormwater runoff happens when rain or snowmelt flows over hard surfaces like driveways, sidewalks, and streets, which prevent stormwater from soaking into the ground. Stormwater systems are designed to capture and filter the flow and return it to the ground to replenish our aquifers.

Preserve our rivers

If not captured and filtered, runoff from heavy rains (stormwater) can pick up debris, chemicals, dirt, and other pollutants, which then flow into storm drains which flow directly into our streams, rivers or wetlands. Water quality is reduced and fish and wildlife are harmed.

Filter pollutants

In natural areas, stormwater runoff averages 10% of rainfall, but in urban areas where most surfaces are solid, runoff from rainfall averages 50%.

When stormwater systems meet code, layers of gravel and sand, specially certified soil, and specific plants work together to filter surface pollutants out before water reaches our aquifers. Once installed, they’ll save water for years.

Help our environment

Landscape design, including required rain gardens or stormwater systems, is planned for the environment–from plant choices for the site to irrigation systems to save water to soil management during installation. At EarthTech, we know we’re stewards of the environment. Our integrated systems reflect that commitment.

Examples of our work


Marion County Sheriff’s Office

3610 Aumsville Highway Salem, OR 97317
74,984 square feet


The Pointe at Glen Creek

555 9th Street NW, Salem, Oregon 97304
35,745 square feet


Capital Manor Retirement Community

1955 Dallas Hwy, Salem Oregon 97304
188,085 square feet